Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two of Springfield's Finest People

Today was the Gift of Time Award Banquet at the Oasis Ramada Convention Center in Springfield. This city-wide banquet was sponsored by several local agencies including the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

Out of 70 nominees, ten Springfield residents were named recipients of the Gift of Time Award for their volunteerism. Two of those ten awards went to Central Assembly members—Bruce Snavely and Judi Murphy! (Dar Matrone was also one of the 70 nominees as well; way to go, Dar!)

We are so proud of them…and the teams they represent (Oil Change, Adopt-a-Block, Food Pantry). Bruce and Judi will be in an upcoming issue of 417 Magazine.

They each represent all the servant-hearted, outreach-oriented people at Central Assembly so well. We’re very proud of Dar, Bruce and Judi! Bruce was on a much-deserved vacation this week, so Karla McHaffie received his award on his behalf. Karla leads the women’s interaction team at the Oil Change Ministry. Thanks, Karla!

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