Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Decisions and My Desk

In this most recent season, I have been working hard on several fronts. My desk has become the location of many prayers, much studying, and creative communications.

I've probably spent too much time behind the screen but I realize that this season requires it from me. This season has caused me to focus on a few statements everyday. These statements are important for me because too much hangs in the balance this year not to follow them – for God’s glory and for the sake of those who need us at our best.

1. Put your best energies into your most important relationships;

2. Put your best resources into your highest priorities;

3. Put your best attitudes into your deepest disappointments.

- Mike


Meg said...

Miss you guys. And praying for God's guidance during this time.

Brad said...

Hi Mike! We miss you and attending New Community. Things are good for us here in Alaska. Hope everything is going great and we are praying for you during the transitional time. I really like your three statements in this post, and to be honest with you, I stole them for a post on my blog. Hope you don't mind :)