Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Book Review: Welcome to College by Jonathon Morrow

Fresh out of High School and that last summer break, you pack up your child and send them out into the world. You have had 18 years to prepare them for the world, and now you send them out into it. Your biggest concern is for their safety and that maybe they will call home now and again. But what about their faith? Have you, your church, and their youth group been enough? Are they strong enough? Do they know where to find the answers? Do you?

Morrow provides a handy and engaging resource for just this dilemma. The book is as wise as it is current. Designed not just for full reading but also a flash-point resource, the book is packed with Godly wisdom, practical advice and “been there, done that” experiences. A synopsis of each chapter provides a quick review. Written for the college student or a mentor, this book has value for anyone who has ever been perplexed about the complex issues surrounding college. It is a relevant work in helping you to think Christianly, live Godly, build your faith, and defend God and his word. All this is in easily digestible bits for the student on the run.

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