Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton

In Mark Labberton's recent book The Dangerous Act of Worship, worship is defined as the dangerous act of waking up to God and God's purposes in the world. When we gather corporately, we often close our eyes to those around us, focusing on God but ignoring our neighbor. Mark rightly says, true biblical worship does not merely point us upward it should turn us outward as well.

He warns against several dangers in our corporate worship experience. First, we must be aware of worship that lies to God. According the Bible, of the many qualities that matter to God, none is more important that truth (John 4:23, 18:37). Secondly, we must be aware of worship that lies about God. Mark points out how easily it is to relegate our worship to corporate singing and forget that our life should worship God. Our failure to demonstrate God's purposes with our lives lies about God. Thirdly, worship that does not change us is not worship at all. If we truly meet God, we will never be the same. Finally, worship that doesn't change the world is not worship. Our worship should make a difference in the world and not just feed our selfishness.

I agree with author James Miller, "I wouldn't have been offended if Labberton had wanted to yell at me about his content in order to do what he says in chapter one must be done: to wake up the church. Of course to expect yelling from a Presbyterian might be asking much."

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