Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Decisions that I Would NOT Advise

1. I've made a few deals with God in my life (again I do not suggest these). I asked God if I love Him with everything, would He take care of all of my leadership shortcomings. I need God to fill in the gaps in the church because I do not have everything that everyone needs.

2. Only do what only you can do. You will be more valuable if you do the things you are really good at irrespective of your portfolio.

3. The mission of the Church is bigger and more important that my personal success.

4. Practice saying “no” to opportunities. You need margin in your life in order to have focus.

5. A sustainable pace is one of the most important steps leading teams.

6. Never violate the principles of God in order to gain or maintain the blessings of God.

7. Jesus has promised to build the church, and so why do we try so hard to do His job.

8. Generalists and specialists do NOT see eye to eye. Generalists have the broadest knowledge and have the most contact with the congregation. Specialists are highly trained to be experts in a particular area. Their perspectives and opinions will be focused on their respective area. Don’t try to make them alike, just try to bridge the gap. Learn each others language.

9. Conflict does not build character; conflict reveals it. If someone can produce and receive conflict, keep them forever.

10. My twenties were about passion and "stupid stories" but my thirties are about figuring out the plan. People can only handle so much “heart” and “passion” before they want to know a plan. There is nothing more contagious than knowledge on fire (thanks AGTS).

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