Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going Dark Green!

I recently read the article for the new "Green Bible." You can catch up on the overview here.

If you take the "going green" initiative too far you probably start coming up with things like "The Green Bible."

I believe in creation care and conserving all we can. My natural gas and electric bill this month was $77 thanks to my energy star appliances. However, somehow using the "going green" thing to market a new Bible seems a little dark. I call this "going dark green." I am getting burned out on all the different systems telling me that I need something else to complete my life. I recently joined the Junky Car Club and celebrated my 10 year old car while politely rebelling against consumerism.

I am positive that I have piggy backed on top of some secular phrase for marketing purposes but I think I will try a more subtle approach in the future.

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