Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sy Rogers Conference

I am grateful for a church community like Central being willing host the Sy Rogers conference this weekend. When we started Saturday, there were about 20 pro-gay protesters in front of Central. Both Jim and Sy talked with them to express that they were not our enemies. The protesters were just kindly wanting to express their pro-gay stances during our conference although it was not technically a "protest."

Here are some take aways from the Saturday seminar:
* Change (transformation) is the inevitable byproduct of growth. If you need to change then you need to grow.
* The biggest obstacle to redeeming the sexual generation is not protesters it is the pulpit.
* We have been more interested in winning an argument than winning our neighbor.
* Turn your pain into productivity
* People will make time for what feeds them. The greatest need for our culture is not information or knowledge or another sermon per se. The Bible is freely accessible today. The great need for our culture is relational.

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Jim Bradford said...

Good day with Sy today. Thanks for your partnership in making all this possible, Mike. Also appreciated your out-takes from the day. I came away with a new apprecation for how our sexuality is linked with every aspect of how God created us. We need a radical health that culture is not giving us.