Saturday, September 20, 2008

Multi-Generational Church Revitalization

Todd Hudnall, senior pastor at Radiant Church, is doing doctoral research on revitalized multi-generational churches. Through an exchange of emails, here are some of the points I spoke with Todd about that are important to Central.

1. Mission - Mission brings the generations together and keeps the focus on the goal. We keep the vision for mission at the center of everything initiative we have done including building, staff changes, service expansions, repainting the foyer, etc.

2. The Bus - It is always central for us to get the right people doing the right things (ala Jim Collins). The right people in the right places doing the right things take care of 90% of problems.

3. Options - Giving our people options helps cover the wide range of needs in our congregation. We just launched 70+ smallgroups/ministry teams in our last Celebration Sunday, where we present new group startups.

4. Serve - Serving speaks everyones language. Music has changed over the past 50 years but the way you love your neighbor is basically the same. We are constantly pushing things from the platform that encourage serving opportunities.

5. Spiritual Leadership - Jim Bradford is a brilliant man but intellect is not what keeps us on track. The greatest leadership Jim gives is challenging us to love, pray, and selflessly serve God's people.

6. Blended Worship - When it comes to music, this seems to be an area that divides more than it unites. Tom Matrone emphasizes the right elements of music. He emphasizes content over style while allowing the style to create affinity with different segments of the congregation.

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