Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anchor Points for Success in Ministry

I hesitate presuming to know anything about success in ministry. Success seems to change for me the more experience I have in ministry. Because we often confuse success with the recognition of success, there needs to be some anchor points for us as we navigate through life.

1. Know your Purpose
As Mark Batterson says, "Play offense with your life." Write down goals in detail. Short term and long terms goals need to be explored in our hearts and minds.

2. Growing to your Maximum Potential
Are you applying yourself or just coasting intellectually, spiritually, relationally, etc?

3. Using influence to benefit others
Ouch! I am working on this one. I wholeheartedly believe a selfless servant-leader is the instrument in God's kingdom.

2 Thessalonians 3:9 MSG
And it wasn't because we didn't have a right to your support; we did. We simply wanted to provide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.

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Leo Crosby said...

gave you a shout out on my blog today. hope you don't mind.