Monday, August 25, 2008

Backpack Truth

This past weekend in El Paso I met a great hip hop artist/apologist named Vocab Malone (real name John-Mark). Who would have ever thought the hip hop and apologetics would be found in one's gift set? Not only is he a legit hip hop artist with my favorite song "Happy Hardcore," he has some good material to help people address some common hurdles in understanding faith in Christ. Check out his blog for some resources and personal helps in apologetics. His blog is Backpack Truth.

Looking forward to heading home tomorrow to Springfield and seeing the family.

1 comment:

vocab malone/jm rieser said...

Hey Mike - thanks.

You really gave a brother some major props. Much love, man ...

God used you this past weekend EXCEPT next time don't take up so much of my set time with your daggone preaching - j/k


ps - check out the radio show I do too: