Monday, July 7, 2008

Work Hard and Play Hard

Due to recent expressions of my calling to Central Assembly, I have willingly accepted more responsibility. I have always enjoyed marketing/communications but this is the largest organization which I have ever attempted to renovate.

It has been a time consuming challenge. Currently, we are neck deep in laying the foundation of a sufficient communication system for Central. We are concentrated on developing style guide including an updated logo, a communication team, and launching a new website. We are desiring the website to be our new brand rationale piece which lays before the people the philosophy of communications for Central.

This new "passion" for communications is fighting for the margins of time left in my daily, weekly, and monthly routine (and winning at times). Nevertheless, I have found one thing that has kept me alive and feeling vibrant--action.

Every man has a cave (OR NEEDS A CAVE) in which they retreat to find rest and relaxation. Lately, mine has been the half mile track outside my house and the local golf course. When work loads increase so must the play/cave time. Challenging myself physically helps keep me sharp when I arrive at the office for eight hour days with back to back meetings. It also helps me keep things in perspective. For example, I have a tendency to see things through my perceptions and tastes while most of the people we interact with have different lifestyles than me.

If you work hard--play hard.

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