Monday, June 2, 2008

Personal Coaching Is A Must

Daisy and I arrived home on Friday from a refreshing visit in Alabama. Vacation is awesome!

Saturday morning at 8:30 I enrolled at golf school. Aside from being miserable because my game is pathetic, I was profoundly affected by my "personal coach" watching every twist, turn, and swing. He seemed to have a drill for every bad habit I had developed trying to be successful on my own. Practicing those drills retrained my body and help me achieve the little successes I needed to continue enjoying the "journey of golf." (Thats what he called it. I use other words to describe the game :-))

I try not to use my blog as only a place just to translate life experiences into mediocre spiritual applications but this one is a worthy.

I believe we need more personal coaches in our Christian walk. What if we were secure enough to open our lives up (the good, bad, and ugly) to someone who could help us achieve the success we desired in our spiritual lives?

Perhaps our Christian walk has become so subjective that we are all "successful" based on the wrong standards (thats not a popular word). Some have lost the desire to be successful because of repeated failures. The Bible is our standard to analyze the success of our spiritual lives (2 Tim. 3:16). However, we ALL need a coach to help us get to the next level in our spiritual walk. Jesus promised a FULL life.

Timothy had a Paul. Joshua had a Moses. The disciples had Jesus. We all need a coach. The greatest coach we have available to us is the Holy Spirit. If we listen carefully, He will guide us along our journey. It is His job to guide and ours to obey.

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