Monday, June 16, 2008

Lost in Translation

So many times messages we are trying to communicate are lost in translation. This video will help you understand.

The notes below were from a recent conference on church marketing and branding. You can check out the rest on the Holy Cow blog.

Three words that will disarm and begin to adjust the tone and atmosphere of any meeting...

* Most meetings start with ‘we must’ ‘what we have to do is’…
* Sets up a me vs. you atmosphere
* This starts with question
* Ends with we

* Remember everything in place started as a great idea
* Hymnals > Screen
* Something > Hymnals


As much as three words can bridge the gap so can your approach

1. When your gift causes a relational rift = it’s not the gift but the gifted
2. Loyalty publicly = Leverage Privately
3. Your job is to support organization and leadership
4. Don’t confuse your insight with moral imperative
5. Don’t avoid feedback if you ever want to be truly great

These things all shift things from Me vs. You to Us with a vision.

1 comment:

Michael Buckingham : holy cow said...

That video is perfect! It really sums up what we as the church are guilty of so many times. We hear what we hear and often times don't hear what they are really saying. It's hard to get out of our mindset, we just want to show them Christ that sometimes we don't really hear their need.

Thanks for coming out to the session at HOW, I do hope it was useful to you and your ministry...and if I can ever help just let me know.