Monday, May 5, 2008

Great Weekend Reflections

I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend. Saturday was the graduation ceremony for AGTS. I have to admit, I am not the best at receiving anything. Parties, appreciations, academic degrees, or anything else, feels awkward. Nevertheless, I complied in order to receive the paper. What if we encouraged students, pastors, and loved ones during the journey as much as we do at the end of the journey?

The highlight was the message given by Dan Betzer, Pastor of First Assembly in Fort Meyers, FL. Here are some highlights from the message he titled "What I wish someone told me."

1. The ministry can kill you.
2. Assemblies of God people can be the meanest people on earth.
3. We should listen more to Him with "nail scared hands" than anybody else.
4. Love who you serve and what you do.

I thought it was brave to speak this message at a graduate level ceremony when it is most tempting to deliver a "dream for the future" message. His short message connected at a real level.

It is also worth mentioning that General Superintendent, George O. Wood, casted a "what if" vision to the entire audience in his opening remarks. After commending the graduates for their hard work and financial sacrifice, he issued this "what if" question: "What if one day a graduate degree could be pursued by any eligible A/G candidate for a nominal cost or no cost at all." I am glad we serve with a "what if" leader.

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