Friday, May 2, 2008

A Famous Instrument

I purchased my Taylor 310-CE in 1998 from a music store in Fairhope, AL. Since acquiring, it has crossed the globe a couple of times and felt many hands on the silky fretboard. I have always treated it as a gift from God. Thus, if someone needs it they can use it. Ironically, the worse dents and dings have come from me playing it around the house. However, there was the one time when a set of keys was hurled from the church balcony to the bottom floor stage SMACKING it on the solid wood top. Ouch!

Lincoln Brewster, seen playing it here, used to play for Journey and now is an amazing worship leader. Did I mention he can melt your face off with sweet guitar licks straight from Yeshua's thrown.

An instrument is made famous by the person who plays it not by it's materials.

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