Monday, May 12, 2008

Emerging Culture Ministry pt.1

In the next several posts I will be distilling some core values of ministry in today's culture. These values, like all core values, are not exhaustive nor all encompassing. Learning to interpret culture as opportunity for cooperating with the mission of Jesus, and for discerning ministry as opportunity for Spirit-empowered expressions of that mission, is the focus for these values. I would like to thank my friend, Earl Creps, for the inspiration of this blog series.

1. Character Development:
We must be dependent on the Spirit to help us have ego-free leadership, integrity of decisions, and authentic spirituality.

2. Cultural Exegesis:
We must interpret the major forms of cultural influences that are creating the context in which the Christian gospel must be communicated.

3. Theological Reflection:
We must listen and respond to people posing critical theological questions that call for reflective skills that are true both to Scripture and context.

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