Friday, May 16, 2008

American Idol Final Prediction

I feel I am listening from a different planet than most people following American Idol.

David Cook has always been a stronger performer than Archuleta. Archuleta is one dimensional, forgets lyrics, shows nerves, and is shy and unable to converse with interviewers. He has a nice voice. David Cook is a musician, and a vocalist, and also has stage performance abilities that young David lacks. He also has the maturity to handle that lofty honor of American Idol. I have not understood all season long why the judges have failed to critique Archuleta with the same critical ear of the other contestants.

Watching more seasoned talents like Michael Johns, and Carly leave has been discouraging. Yes, it matters to the public that David's father is an over-the-top stage parent with all the negatives it involves. Most people do not want to be part of causing the McCauley Caulken melt down that happens when parents push and try to live through the talents of their children while the children miss their childhoods. Let us remember Michael Jackson, and others.

David Cook is the best of the two and deserves the title of American Idol 2008.

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