Friday, April 4, 2008

iGoogle and iChurch

One of the tensions in church leadership today is the battle raging with adapting to culture. If done with balance there can be many benefits with which attendees can relate (e.g. media, web, etc.). However, taken to the extreme, catering to peoples needs can become a seductive and destructive behavior for church leadership. Churches cannot become consumer driven catering to every need of an individual.

I was going through my blog roll today and followed a link to subscribe to an rss feed. Long story short I created an iGoogle page and and a Google reader where I can read each of my blogs in one single simple location. Simply awesome!

I was challenged today by how simple Google made the process. What if we, as leaders, started with simple as the first priority for everything. Here are the things I have noticed about simplicity:
1. It is hard to communicate simply ( I typed that five times).
2. Simple things get big ROI (return on investment).
3. Simple programs are popular.
4. Simple is sexy - Nik White
5. Simple stands out.

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