Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Heart MOPS

Today I attended, by special invitation, the MOPS International Leadership Summit. I was very impressed by Elisa Morgan and her organized staff. Of course what else could one expect from an international ministry run completely by ladies for ladies. I must admit I felt like a fish out of water because I was the only guy attending the conference.

Two things stood out:

1. The first thing articulated was the MOPS mission, slogan, and experience. I like this because clarifying missional direction creates the framework and expectation of any organization. It is obvious these ladies know their brand.

2. At the end, Elisa challenged everyone to take control of their time by resigning from Chronos, the imposter boss, and resume control to Chiros, the eternal boss.

MOPS is cool!
(I am not just saying it because my wife loves it...well maybe a little)

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Meg said...

yay! mike finally loves MOPS. hahahahahaha. don't you miss me?