Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good to Great Friendships

I had lunch today with a great friend. We had a refreshing conversation about some classic Good to Great principles (e.g. hedgehog principle, flexing the "no" muscle, etc.).

During the course of the meal, I could feel my protective personality guard dissolve as we talked and laughed (can you recognize your guard?). It occurred to me as we were laughing that this not only a good friendship but also a great friendship. Here are some good to great friendship factors my friend possess:

1. More Plow Horse, than Show Horse
2. Believes more in the "why" than the "how"
3. Confronts facts without loosing faith in the potential for greatness
4. Never violates personal trust
5. Spontaneously calls for last minute unplanned lunches

Friendships are easily excused because of busy schedules. It's the stuff I excuse in myself that can derail my life. I tend towards too much work and too little rest. Great friends help me with that stuff.

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