Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Golf is dumb!

Golf is dumb. I stink at it. After hitting a bucket of balls at Rivercut's driving range, I realized that golf is NOT fun when you cannot play at a mediocre level. Plus, if you do not know the common rules which every golfer abides by, you become an annoyance on the range. For example, you should not yell at people during their back swing unless you need a daily dose of attention. If you hit a ball which has the potential of striking an innocent pedestrian, a verbal warning is needed to give the victim the ability to watch the ball smack them in the face.

It is always good to live in the roll of a "newcomer." The anxiousness, nervousness, and uncertainty is only manageable by the potential pay off from "practicing." This perspective helps me understand why some are disoriented when they attend my "course" at church.

From the parking lot to the pew, may we always take care of our "newcomers."

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Kyle Hammond said...

Golf is dumb only when you stink. Not saying you stink...
Your blog is cool too!