Friday, April 11, 2008

Ear Tubes

I took my youngest daughter to get ear tubes this morning. Chipper as ever, she rolled out of bed with me at 6:00am. We arrived at the outpatient surgery center and was soon shown to our room. The one thing I noticed is how every nurse and doctor who came in kept asking if we had any questions. First of all, we should all ask people new to our world this helpful question. Secondly, I realized that I trusted these people with my most cherished loved one without feeling the need to ask questions. I did not know what questions to ask or what the surgery entailed. Perhaps a pathway of experience should be outlined for people who are new to our worlds.

The bottom line is my daughter will be healthier because of the procedure. She is home watching Hairspray. Life is awesome! In the end, I care more about the bottom line than knowing the pathway of experience.

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Grant said...

Great thoughts Mike...

More importantly, glad your daughter is home and doing well!