Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coach Jeanne!

My leader coach did a session this past week on personal growth. First of all, Jeanne Mayo is the best personal development coach available for youth leaders. She gave us around eight points for personal growth but somehow I ended up with twelve. Personal growth junkies will love this list:

1.Buy a digital voice recorder. This is so you can make voice notes on all of the podcasts.
2. Schedule time to think in a consistent location.
3. Quit distractions
4. Transform your daily work culture into a growth culture
5. Form a mastermind group who help you think thought complex strategies
6. Fail at something
7. Learn the lessons and forget the details of hurtful situations
8. Talk less and say more
9. Never let yesterday consume your today
10. Write your hurt in the sand and your blessings in stone
11. Make your questions bigger than your answers
12. Make your purpose bigger than your money

Thanks Coach Jeanne!

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