Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol Shouts to the Lord

A few days ago, American Idol closed out their charity night with one of the most popular worship songs of all time.

I want to give Idol props for concluding the evening with Shout to the Lord. I never tend to over analyze the use of Christian songs used for mainstream influence (e.g. Amazing Grace, Joy to the World, etc.) but a few things stood out about this song on American Idol.

Here are some of the comments posted on youtube about the song on Idol.

"God always blesses us!! Hah! Bulls***! I wonder if you would be in the same state of mind if you were one of those poor kids the Idols were visiting with."

"Yeah, that's it...praise Jesus and the fabulous job he is doing. Try putting your faith in something real, like your family and friends."

Question: Why is the name of Jesus, who is known as the epitome of love, edited from the first presentation and more interestingly added in during the second? Why are people offended by the name of Jesus in the song and not the name of Shepherd?

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Leo Crosby said...

Listening to Dan Kimball talk last week about "they like Jesus, but not the church"

He has observed that peoples distrust of Jesus has more to do with the church's representation of Him. He talks about the Christian bubble we all know exists. In his video he talks points out the difference when someone is asked about Jesus the person, then about Christians.

In America we have a lot of work to do in letting people see the love of Christ so that they can know the real Jesus.