Saturday, March 29, 2008


Last night we had a meeting of our whole pastoral team and our conversation focused on being faithful in managing our schedules so that they reflect God's priorities. As we talked and got the input of our dear wives about times that we "bring work home" or how our work habits affect our families, the suggestion of a “balanced life” was given.

Why does balance always seem to be the goal of every conflict? “Balance” is an idea that conjures up the word “precarious.” Balance gives the illusion of control. The comfort of order.

The draw of balance may be that it promises to relieve the stress of our world, with its competing priorities, clapping to get our attention.

Balance may be a myth. Children that wake up crying in the middle of the night with a 103 degree fever and a strangling cough, aren’t looking for a balanced mom. Work and leadership require many times of full involvement, marching past meeting end times, or requiring additional input that smudges the lines in our circles. Jobs that we are passionate about will require passion from us that is not neatly contained in any circle.

I think what God wants for us, to grow in us over time, is a well-ordered heart. Not a circle with lines, but a heart that is full of his love, spilling over into the lives of others.

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