Saturday, October 6, 2007

FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition (FBSE)

Book Review

FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition (FBSE)

Donald Stamps, Editor (LIFE Publishers, Int., 2294 pp., leather)

A well-known pop singer once wondered, “What have you done for me lately?” It is frequently assumed that this generation of young people is asking the same thing. Now LIFE Publishers has a great answer – the first and largest comprehensive study Bible written for students. The FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition (FBSE) helps students delve deeply into the foundations of their faith as it provides a Pentecostal perspective contained throughout the study notes and articles.

The FBSE has been prepared by the same editor that compiled the Full Life Study Bible, which highlights the fact that it is not a lightweight student edition Bible. Not only does it include the expected study Bible features, such as 20 major themes tracked throughout Scripture, background and introduction for each book, a simple yet comprehensive cross-reference system, a strong Pentecostal perspective, and seriously thorough study notes, it also includes a special section aimed at students who are committed to standing out as campus missionaries.

Pray/Live/Serve/Tell/Give are the five core commitments of campus missions, and the FBSE not only gives detailed explanations of each in the reference section, it tracks each theme throughout the Bible, giving the student a strong Biblical foundation from which to work.

Any student, and especially any student committed to affecting their campus for Christ, will find the handsome leather-bound FBSE to be a valuable resource as he or she helps present God’s answer to the question, “What have you done for me lately?”

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Roy D. Slater said...

What are the real differences between the fire bible student edition and a bible like the king james bible? Do they have different translations? Is one easier to read? I was just wondering if there were big differences.